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24 years... and counting!


In 1997, Lisa DeCaro and Len Matheo left their careers as professional actors and directors in NYC and L.A., and founded Courtroom Performance. Originally, CPI's mission was an educational one: Len & Lisa wanted to help attorneys elevate their oral advocacy by employing proven skills from the theater setting.


In the 24 years since then, CPI has become a national trial consulting  practice that specializes in witness preparation, jury research, and trial strategy for the defense of civil cases, and has assisted in victories involving many Fortune 100 companies in high-profile litigation.


Len and Lisa have helped some of the best lawyers in the country to present their case, their witnesses, and themselves authentically, clearly, and persuasively.



Trial consulting is an art, as well as a science. We know that when you choose a consultant, you are making that decision based on the experience, abilities, and insights that consultant brings to your team. But you are also making a decision based on the way that consultant works with you and your client, and the way that personality fits in with the rest of the personalities involved in the case.


When you hire Len and Lisa, you GET Len and Lisa. We have a wonderful team of pros who will help with administrative, logistical, online platforms, graphics, and data entry solutions. But Len and Lisa will be the lead consultants on your project. There's never a "bait & switch."

Furthermore, Len and Lisa bring different - and complementary - skills to your team, as well as both a male and female perspective. You'll get the benefit of both, for the cost of one.

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