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Giving a Speech

Whether you’ve got 10 or 1000 litigators in your firm, CPI will structure a workshop to help you ensure that every member of your firm is ready. The workshops are structured according to your needs – a single one-day interactive seminar, a series of one-day workshops, or a day of 2-hour sessions (to limit the loss of billable hours for each attorney).

In smaller groups, each participant is given the opportunity to work on an upcoming case, while the consultants break down, analyze, and ultimately transform every element of their presentation style that does not enhance their ability to communicate with control, with authority, and with passion. Body language, vocal tone and inflection, habitual mannerisms of which the individual may not be aware, and story structure problems are examined for each participant. Solutions to improve personal performance are offered, and written evaluations are provided which include personalized exercises for on-going practice.


From recruiting to retention to trial success, these valuable programs will benefit your entire firm.

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