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  • High Risk Juror Profile

  • Jury Selection Strategy

  • Oral Voir Dire Questions

  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaires

  • In-Court Jury Selection

A juror's values, life experiences, and general views of the world all contribute to the way he or she is likely to view the facts of your case. We all know that relying on demographic information to exercise  strikes is neither ethical nor reliable. Yet designing questions that reveal those values and life experiences in a way that optimizes your strikes (while not uncovering your opponent's best strikes) is rarely taught well in law school.

CPI can help you and your team develop effective jury selection strategies, design a Supplemental Juror Questionnaire (SJQ) and oral voir dire questions to elicit honest disclosure of bias, analyze juror responses, and help you exercise your strikes in an educated and strategic way.

Evaluating the way jurors interact with you, the judge, and each other, in conjunction with an analysis of their answers to questionnaires and oral voir dire questions, allows us to assess prospective jurors’ leadership and decision-making tendencies. 

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