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Pre-Trial Research

Magnifying Glass
Jury Research


Obviously, there are a hundred reasons to run the important facts and testimony past a focus group or mock trial jury, but often the biggest value is in the discovery of facts and testimony that you didn’t even know were going to be important to a jury.

As active members of The American Society of Trial Consultants, CPI employs only the highest standards in jury research. You’ll discover what themes the jurors relate to strongly, and what they dismiss; what holes exist in your case, and how the jurors might fill them; what information is confusing or misleading to a jury; and what information you will need to provide to clarify your case.

CPI consultants will help you every step of the way, to apply what we learn from the research project and make the best possible presentation of your case.

From a small, informal focus group, to a multi-day mock trial involving four or more juries, we can put together a project to suit your needs and your budget.


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  • Focus Groups

  • Mock Trials

  • Online Research

Bench Trial Research


It's easy to forget that judges are people, too. Just like juries, judges bring their own life experiences, values systems, and biases into their adjudication of your case.

We will assemble a panel of judges in your venue (often judges who know your trial judge well), and design research to discover the best way to present your case to that particular judge or panel.

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