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  • Arbitration

Because most trials depend heavily on the strength of witness testimony during depositions and at trial, the witnesses’ confidence, credibility, and clarity are essential to the positive presentation of the case. We assist attorneys with preparing witnesses by giving them proven and practicable listening and communication skills. These skills allow the witnesses to give their best testimony under the pressures of deposition or cross-examination, as well as effectively tell their story during direct examination. We train them to testify effectively, basing our strategy on extensive jury research into witness credibility and effectiveness. A mock examination with videotape playback can be used to provide both the attorney and the consultants the opportunity to provide feedback on strengths and needed skills. 

We use skill-building sessions to increase the witness' ability to respond to questions, control the level of detail in their answers, heighten jury perception of their level of knowledge, educate the jury on key background issues and show conviction in their responses.


One reason our witness preparation is so effective is that it involves the creation of new habits. When a witness is faced with a difficult question in a deposition, or a hostile cross-examination, he or she must have solid skills to fall back on. To that end, we recommend starting the work sooner rather than later, and using a progressive system of work sessions. The witnesses will learn progressive skills at each session, and techniques that can be practiced between sessions. 


All witness preparation is done with the attorney present, and is designed to complement the attorney’s preparation of the legal elements of the testimony.

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