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Clients include counsel for Sprint Communications; Ford Motor Company; Chrysler Motor Corporation; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; Solvay Pharmaceuticals; Coors Brewing Company; Xcel Energy; American Family Insurance; USAA; State Farm Insurance; Chevron; Vail Resorts; Altria; The United States Mint; and others.


A tremendous thank you for the program you put on in Bermuda! Everything I heard from attendees was praise for the program, the contents, and the presenters. As you know, my goal this year is to ‘raise the bar.’ I only hope we haven’t raised it so high… that we cannot meet it again. Once again, kudos and congratulations for a marvelous program.

~ H. Thomas Wells, Jr., Chair, ABA Section of Litigation


People think that just because they went to law school they know how to talk. They don’t! They need to learn what you teach them.

~ Hon. Donald Campbell

As a trial consultant, Len Matheo brought poise, balance, intellect, and a wealth of experience. He also brought tremendous value to the table.

- Stephen Kennedy, Jackson Walker, LLP


We have utilized Courtroom Performance (Len and Lisa) for In House training for several years and have found them to be tremendously effective and responsive. Our attorneys have definitely benefited from their expertise.

- Joseph C. Edwards, Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C.


This is, without a doubt, THE BEST preparative work I’ve ever done. I feel like I’ve gotten four years of trial experience in two days.


[This work] gave me the benefits of both technique work and focus group input, all in one. It would be a tremendous value at twice the price. Thank you!


Your work is outstanding... In 21 years of practice I have never before participated in a program that was so helpful to me as a trial attorney. It was exciting [that your contributions] weren’t just theoretical… weaknesses, strengths and personal style were analyzed and addressed in a helpful, constructive manner… What amazes me is that so many of us have practiced for so long unaware of these basic ideas and techniques… Yours was the most interesting, helpful and exciting prep work I’ve done. Keep up the good work.

~ J. Patrick Butler, Tucson, AZ

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