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Witness Preparation

The testimony of your witness can lose a strong case, or win one that looked lost.

Witnesses require very different preparation than do attorneys -- they can feel nervous or intimidated by the process, and expert witnesses can project an arrogant or "gun-for-hire" image to the jury. Because the demeanor of key witnesses can make or break your case, CPI specializes in preparing witnesses for depositions, hearings, mediations and trial.

Our witness preparation services are unequalled. Witnesses learn solid techniques which they can rely upon on the stand. Witnesses who we’ve prepared maintain their skills, and withstand cross-examination.

CPI consultants will examine the subtle messages being received by the listener, the credibility of the witness, the effectiveness of his or her testimony, and any body language or vocal inflections that can contradict this testimony. We will prepare the witness for the stressful environment of the courtroom, mediation, or deposition, and provide techniques to prevent "freezing" or "rambling." Witnesses are taught how to answer any question with confidence and credibility. All aspects of the witness's body language, voice, eye contact and nervous behavior are examined, to prevent the witness from unconsciously doing anything that damages his or her credibility and therefore your case.

All witness preparation is done with the attorney present, and is designed to complement the attorney’s preparation of the legal elements of the testimony.

What Our Clients Say...

Jack and David went through their testimony with me on Saturday and they were both great. What a marked improvement from what you saw last Tuesday! Thanks for all of your help.” (W.F. Gary, Esq., Eugene, OR)

If there is anything we can ever do for you, please do not hesitate to contact either Brenda or myself. I have come to think of you both as dear friends…Your preparation of [our key witness] made both of us feel much better about our chances! You can rest assured that without your help (the DA knew they were going to get hammered) we probably would not have been able to work out this plea bargain agreement.” (Ryland L. Rivas, Esq. Chickasha, OK)