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Continuing Legal Education

Attorneys—even trial attorneys—are not taught how to be great speakers. We put trial lawyers into an extremely stressful situation, with a tremendous amount at stake, and ask them to do something that most Americans fear more than being buried alive: speak in public.

And they’re not just being asked to speak in public. They also have to write the script, direct the show, and prepare all of the other actors in the drama. Why would we expect them to miraculously, spontaneously, become great speakers?

CPI workshops and seminars provide trial lawyers with the skills great speakers have: the ability to persuade an audience and call them to action. As long standing members of The Association for Continuing Legal Education(ACLEA) Courtroom Performance is well known as a high quality top provider in helping lawyers advocate for their clients.

Courtroom Performance is now offering our workshops online! Online CLE is a convenient way to get CLE credit from the comfort of your own office or home. It’s also a great way to keep your skills sharp. In addition to our own courses, we have included some online CLE courses offered by other excellent teaching organizations. Click here to get started!”

What Our Clients Say...

People think that just because they went to law school they know how to talk. They don’t! They need to learn what you teach them. They need your course, and they should take it!” (Judge Donald Campbell Colorado Springs, CO)

Your program is outstanding... In 21 years of practice I have never before participated in a program that was so helpful to me as a trial attorney. The exercises, training and suggestions you give for effective speaking are vital to anyone appearing in a courtroom. Frankly, it should be a mandatory course in law school: Courtroom Speaking 1A… What amazes me is that so many of us have practiced for so long unaware of these basic ideas and techniques… Yours was the most interesting, helpful and exciting program that I have attended. I am anxious to participate in one of your weekend workshops. Keep up the good work.” (J. Patrick Butler, Esq. Tucson, AZ)

The exercises on pauses and vocal inflection made me realize how perfunctory I can be – I’ve been giving people conclusions before [telling] the story!” (Debbie Pearson, Esq., Assistant D.A., Colorado Springs, CO)

"A tremendous thank you for the program you put on in Bermuda! Everything I heard from attendees was praise for the program, the contents, and the presenters. As you know, my goal this year is to ‘raise the bar.’ I only hope we haven’t raised it so high… that we cannot meet it again. Once again, kudos and congratulations for a marvelous program.” (H. Thomas Wells, Jr., Chair, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation)