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CPI conducts seminars and workshops nationwide. These extremely well-received seminars are dynamic and engaging, and provide practical skills which participants can use from the moment they leave the room.

Participants learn proven techniques which enhance vocal quality, vocal inflection, body language, eye contact, and storytelling. They learn how to compose a compelling, persuasive story, which leads the trier of fact to one inevitable conclusion. They receive practical exercises which can be practiced on their own, to further enhance every aspect of their presentation.

Please contact us for information on seminars in your area.

Here are a few examples of our available courses:

Beyond Eye Contact: Persuasive Presentation Skills for Lawyers 

Creating Vocal Thunder in the Courtroom • Using Vocal Inflection to Persuade • How Your Body Language Affects Your Legal Argument • Controlling the Visual Focus in the Courtroom • Structuring Your Argument to Engage the Jury • Calling the Jurors to Action

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Dynamic Presentation in the 21st Century:
Persuasion Skills for the Camera and the Courtroom

Are We Heading Toward 'Virtual Trials?' The New Millenium brings with it new tools and new challenges for the trial lawyer. This course is designed to help attorneys make a dynamic and effective presentation to the trier(s) of fact, both in the live and the "virtual" courtroom.

Speaker Training: Make your volunteer speakers look like the pros

Your speakers know their subject matter, but do they know how to communicate it in a way that is engaging to their audience? This exciting interactive workshop will make each of them more effective, and your seminars more successful.

Effective Testimony: Deposition & Trial Presentation for Expert Witnesses

Avoiding the "gun-for-hire" image • Becoming the Teacher • Avoiding the Traps • 
What your Body Language is Saying to the Jury • Using Eye Contact to Build a Relationship with Every Juror

What Our Clients Say...

The Intensive workshop was outstanding. It gave me the benefits of both technique work and focus group input, all in one. It would be a tremendous value at twice the price. Thank you!” (Michael Larkin, Esq. Tucson , AZ)

This is the first time in 5 years that I stayed for an entire CLE seminar... Most of the time, I think I can learn more on my own, and they’re really just wasting my time. I usually leave as soon as I can pick up my certification. But you guys are fun… and you’re teaching me stuff I can use right now!” Name Withheld (for obvious reasons)