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Foreword by James W. McElhaney

"They ought to cover this book with old oak barrel staves and bind it with black iron straps, because it’s a treasure chest – and the gems inside are real. Not cute little trial tricks. Not deceptive new ploys to conceal old frauds. Not clever bits of misdirection, phony theatricality, or contrived dramatic moments. If that’s what you want, put it down. This book is not what the “Spin Doctor” ordered.

Instead, it’s filled with genuine insights, ideas, and techniques that work. And a whole new way for how to look at yourself and your role as a courtroom communicator.
Take “Killing Lawyer Man” for example. Lisa DeCaro and Len Matheo show you how to free yourself from that pretentious veneer you started putting on the day you entered law school.

They teach you how to develop the habits of voice inflection, emphasis, and eye contact used by professional speakers (after all, speaking is one of the most important things you do for a living). They help you become natural and unaffected in front
of others. Best of all, they start you step by step down the road to becoming a captivating storyteller.

Go ahead. Turn to any page and read the first thing that catches your eye. What you will find will be: Simple. Honest. Disarming. Occasionally Counter-Intuitive and Always Effective.

The Lawyer’s Winning Edge is one of the most remarkable books for trial lawyers I’ve ever seen. With the exercises and demonstrations on the video CD-ROM that comes with the book, Len and Lisa show you how to do what they’re talking
about. This is a whole course on how to develop the presentational skills you need to teach the judge and jury the facts that will win your case."

~ James W. McElhaney
February 2004